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Business Rates are a significant fixed overhead for most businesses. 


The charging rules are complex, with the liability in any given period being affected by changes to the tax rate, exemptions, transitional adjustments and the rateable value itself.


In order to take some of the stress of business planning and budgeting off the desks of our clients we provide forecast liabilities for current and future periods according to defined assumptions.  Figures can be provided to fit with the client’s financial periods and will cover the entire portfolio occupied.


At the beginning of any rate year rate demands will need to be checked for accuracy before being authorised for payment, as the Local Authorities often do make mistakes in calculating the liability due.  In addition, throughout the rate year demands will be received to reflect the ongoing changes in the circumstances your business and its property occupation.  These need to be checked and any opportunities to reduce the liability identified.


For a number of global clients we work closely with oversees lease administration teams to host rate demand receipt, passing through only correct or corrected demands.  We will negotiate payment terms and field issues relating to summonses and other payment issues.


Where legacy positions are inherited, either through corporate activity or staff/advisor changes, we will audit existing and historic business rates liabilities and advise whether the liabilities have been correctly calculated and whether opportunities exist to take action to reduce the business rates overhead.

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