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Bayram Vickery Meech provides a comprehensive business rates service, taking on ownership of our clients’ liabilities and applying all available tools to deliver our clients’ objectives.  These include reducing liability, managing the rates payment process, forecasting future outgoings and helping to inform business decisions.


Business Rates is a tax based on opinions.  Our role is to influence those opinions in a professional and favourable manner and to identify and exploit the opportunities available. 


Our team has delivered hundreds of millions of pounds in liability savings.  It has achieved this whilst reducing the administrative burden and uncertainty for our clients.


Our role is to reduce your business rates liability whilst taking the hassle of business rates off your desk.  We reduce business rates administration and provide a service that reassures our clients’ business leaders that every opportunity that exists is being exploited.


Business rates are a tax based on opinion. 


The assessments that form the basis of your business rates liability are opinions of the rental value of your properties that have been produced by an officer of the Inland Revenue.  The tax is based on opinions, albeit usually reasonably well informed ones, and is open to challenge.  The core of our work involves lodging formal appeals against our clients’ rateable values.


Rating appeals can be lodged for a variety of reasons from challenging the underlying valuation basis to arguing that assessments should be reduced or deleted because of changes to the property or its circumstances.


When it comes to reducing our clients’ business rates liabilities we believe we are one of the most capable firms in the UK.


As our clients’ businesses grow and adapt to changing markets, their property occupations continually change.  When new properties are acquired, existing properties are reconfigured / refitted or surplus space is vacated, opportunities arise to add value to the management of business rates. 


The rating work generated by these changes can involve exemptions claims, avoidance schemes, deleting or recfiguring assessments, or a combination of these mechanisms to reduce the business rates liability. 


At a time when your business is focussed on managing such changes effectively, you need to know that responsibility for the business rates function is handled in the most effective and competent manner possible.


The service we provide is tailored to suit each client’s business needs. 


We will provide portfolio liability figures for use by your Accounts Payable team.  For a number of global clients we work closely with oversees lease administration teams to host rate demand receipt, passing through only correct or corrected demands.  We will negotiate payment terms and field issues relating to summonses and other payment issues.


We provide forward liability figures to assist in budgeting processes and deliver projections for acquisitions and remodelling/relocation projects.


It is important that we stay in regular contact with our clients so that opportunities are not missed.  One of the ways we achieve this is by completing our clients' Rent Return Forms free of charge and by offering advice on a host of business rates issues that support our clients’ operations.

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